menton and monaco in the sun

Menton – Pointe de Nicioret

Last weekend me and Jan were down on the Cote D’Azur for a race in Dolceacque on the Sunday, just over into Italy, to make the most of the trip we took an extra day and planned a ride on the Saturday too. I had previously spied a trail on the maps which looked rather interesting – just above the town on Menton right on the coast the hills ride rather fast up above 1000m, there is a ridge that runs right on the border between Italy and France and just on the French side there is a trail which runs all the way from Sospel down to sea level in Menton. It rises over some 1000m peaks and follows some scenic looking ridge lines and I decided it would be good to do the last section of it.

The trail takes you out of Menton, up the road to the town of Castellar before heading onto some very steep double track before a hike-a-bike for a couple of hundred metres to reach the Pionte de Nicioret at 750m which provides some amazing views along into Italy and France before a super long technical trail right back down into Menton and the sea, this one is sure to test your arm strength and brakes!

Oh and did I mention it was Jan’s birthday?! Not a bad way to spend your birthday!

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