_34 Bastille Et Vierge Noire Avec Jonny


Route map here

Even though we had already ridden earlier in the day on a pretty good length ride, we decided it would be cool to go ride the trails on La Bastille as the sun set and then go for a beer in the city on the way back. That is all we expected, but since we had not eaten for a long time and had just done a lot of exercise, 1 beer turned into 1 and a half and we were wasted!

Setting sun over Le Vercors
Setting sun over Le Vercors

The sun was still shining strong which made it pretty nice and warm even though it was 7/8pm. On the way up we met a guy digging on the trails who told us when we come back down we should not skid at all… ok we though, we will try.

We made it quite a way up the hill before we decided it was going to be too dark unless we turned back and the top section is pretty loose, like riding on marbles! Cue some rather wild moments skidding all over the shop. When we came to the section the guy had told us not to skid, I had forgotten how steep it actually was and you are actually riding pretty much on the edge of control. I am not sure how he thought were were not going to skid or do any damage to his work as he had essentially just gone down with a pick axe and churned up the trails and made it loose as f*ck, cue more lairy out of control moments, especially with Jonny almost going over the top of the last catch berm (which if you miss you have a nice drop onto the fireroad below… face first).

Spot the rider...
Spot the rider…

The last section is just rad and fast and I have posted about it plenty of times already so heres a nice sun set photo on Belldonne instead with Jonny in the foreground.

We headed back into the town and sat down for one beer, we both kind of new that we might feel tipsy pretty easily but (me being a super lightweight) meant that after 1.5 beer I was feeling really rather drunk, as did Jonny as a matter of fact. So our ride ended in us getting rather drunk and having the munchies and going off to get some tacos at about 10pm, oh and of course we fit right in with all our biking gear in shorts and wifebeaters. Lads lads lads!

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