_27 Night Time Wild Ride


Route map here

This evening I came home in a pretty rubbish mood and decided the best way to sort myself out was to go for a bike ride, despite having uni work to do, I knew I wouldn’t do it anyway so I swung a leg over and hurled myself down some trails to get that rush of adrenaline that never fails to disappoint.

Just above the city
Just above the city

You can never get the photo to show what it feels like to ride at night, it is a pretty great feeling, you just feel like you should not be there and that makes it feel even more cool to be out riding.

Since it was a bit of a last minute decision I had not got a huge amount of battery left on my light so I decided to switch it off for most of the uphill (except for when I was in the depth of the forest as that was far too scary!). It feels very strange to be out riding in the middle of the night with no lights and no sounds except you, only the sound of the tyres buzzing up the tarmac and trying to catch your breath as you power up the hill. I must have given the young couple sitting in the car up in lay-by up above the city a bit of a fright coming out of the darkness like that… Who knows what they were up to?!

2014-03-26 22.44.58


At the top of the descent
At the top of the descent

I powered on straight up to the top, despite thinking I would have a good stop half way up (there were a couple of love birds in my usual rest spot so I decided to leave them to it) and felt pretty nackered by the time I got there, who knows where that energy and speed came from considering I had not even eaten dinner!

Downhill time!

I switched the bike into downhill mode and I don’t know about you, but when you do so and set off down that downhill, you just completely forget anything else and focus solely on what is flying towards you on the trail in front of you, concentration becomes incredible and you just scan the forest floor as it flies past looking for lines and obstacles to avoid. Just what I needed.

Lights on my spiral staircase looking a bit spooky
Lights on my spiral staircase looking a bit spooky

I am not sure why but something put the fire up me and I really flew down the trails tonight, beating most of my previous times on this trail but at night and with a light only half as bright as it could have been… Boom. Done. Bed time.


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