_10 St. Nizier du Moucherotte, Eybens et Sassenage


Route Map Here

The sun was shining bright so we went and made the most of it today! We ended up doing around 40km which I was surprised at since we only set out at 2pm and were working against the fading light, but the days are getting longer it would seem.

We decided to go and try a couple of trails over the back of St. Nizier, a village up a very long and gradual road ascent from Grenoble, usually we have done trails which just come straight back down into the city but we decided to try two new ones which are basically in the next valley over from the city.

Long road climb!
Long road climb!
Loving the retro sunnies


I managed to ride the rode climb in one go for the first time (bear in mind it is 15km long) but we set a pretty steady pace to stop us from getting cold. The descent on the map looked pretty steep however there looked to be a lot of switchbacks so I thought it would be ok… Turns out not, especially not when it is covered in snow, there were quite a few bits where we had to walk down, Steve’s carbon soled shoes did not help either, but at least it made for some fantastic photos with the snow dripping from the trees and the sun shining bright through! The parts that were rideable certainly gave a few hairy moments, over the bars moments imminent but no one fell in the end. When we looked back at what we had ridden down from the bottom, once we emerged from the trees and joined the road again, we thought to ourselves… err how did we just ‘ride’ down that?!


Sun through the trees
One of the small sections we could ride – ass out!
Spot the rider!


Hike a bike downhill, not so much fun
How did we ride down that???

The second part of the downhill was the opposite, open, wide, fast, rocky, leafy, we flew down it getting a bit loose, with the last section of it being somewhat more technical but totally dry and rideable, exactly as I like! Bringing us out at a waterfall and a view down into Sassenage where the trail finished.

Fast and open trail
End of the 2nd section

The third part of the descent was a bit of an unkown and was just marked on the map as a black dashed line, not as a proper path therefore we went there not knowing if it would even be rideable or not. Turns out it was ok however the first part was a challenge as we had to cross a rather large waterfall, which again was not helped by Steve’s shoes but we managed to get across the giant boulder field without getting our feet wet! The trail was basically all rideable in the end even if it was pretty exposed away down to the river below in places, but it was a decent end to the ride.

Next level rock gardens here! We rode down that right...
Next level rock gardens here! We rode down that right…
Crossing the waterfalls
Crossing the waterfalls


Ended up being less of an exhilerating downhill ride more a scenic exploration ride, still good non the less. A lot of my rides tend to end up finished coming along this street to get back into the city and I quite like the way the view down it…

Cours Berriat
Cours Berriat, Grenoble

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