_01 New Years Day Ride – Millstone


If only to get ourselves outside to try get rid of the hangovers from the party the night before, it was still a good blast up the hill and we left it to the last hour of daylight so it ended up being a bit of a follow the man who knows where he’s going descent!

We didn’t ride far and two of us rode downhill bikes but it was still awesome. Since I had not seen these two guys (or ridden with) in such a long time it was awesome just to go out up the rode and chat shit and have a blast down the hill. By the time we turned around to come back down the hill all but the smallest amount of light had gone, but we all knew the track and Mark (on the right) knows it better than anyone since he virtually lives at the bottom of it, so we just followed his every move.

Makeshift bike clothing/feeling a bit daft ended up in the tights and wooly socks combo, shows off my sexy new shoes though.



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